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Belle Mead Animal Hospital Protocol Update

As we approach a year and a half into the pandemic, we want to thank all of our clients for their continued understanding as we all navigate this world together! We are writing this letter to update everyone on how

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Exciting blood test for Cats to detect Heart Disease

Heart disease is the silent killer of cats. One in six cats can be born with and develop heart disease in their lifetime. There are no outward symptoms, but now there is a blood test called a proBNP test that

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When to take your rabbit to the veterinarian

You have a pet rabbit. You are feeding it the recommended diet, and you take care to clean the cage daily.  What other things should you look out for? Trim your rabbit’s nails It’s important to keep your bunny’s nails

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Upcoming Halloween Events that include Your Pets!

With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to start making fun plans that include your dogs! Belle Mead Animal Hospital will be participating in two local events this year, and we invite you to join us! Pet Masquerade Parade –

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Keep your dog safe with a secure collar and proper identification

Properly identifying our pets is so important that an entire week in April has been designated as National Pet Identification Week.  However, proper identification must be secured for your pet year round, and I wanted to share some things you

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Helping children through pet loss

As adults and parents, most of us can say we have experienced the loss of a loved one at some point in our lives, human or pet family member and friend.  As adults, at some point we come to recognize

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How to keep your pet rabbit healthy in an outdoor environment

We talk a lot about indoor rabbit care, but what about those rabbits that are kept outdoors?  Good husbandry and proper housing is just as important for outdoor rabbits as those kept inside your home. One common practice that many

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Tips for raising a healthy ferret

Ferrets make wonderful pets. Most ferrets come from a place called Marshall Farms where they are spayed and neutered at a very young age to make better pets.  Ferrets naturally have a very distinct odor about them, so they are

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Flea Control and Disease Prevention for your Pets

What are Fleas?  Fleas are tiny, wingless, jumping insects that feed on the blood of your pets and your family.  The year has proven to be one of the worst flea seasons we have seen in over 20 years.  All

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Belle Mead Animal Hospital a contender in the Readers Choice Contest

Can you support us? The Courier News has launched their annual Readers Choice Contest for the “Best of the Best” in Central Jersey. Belle Mead Animal Hospital is a contender once again in the People & Services / Veterinarian category

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