Other Services

As part of our commitment to provide veterinary excellence, Belle Mead Animal Hospital offers a variety of options to ensure client care is easily accessible and your visit is both enjoyable and comfortable.

Pet Behavior Consultations

If your dog or cat is exhibiting inappropriate behavior, please consult us as soon as possible. We can help you develop an appropriate behavior modification plan that focuses on positive reinforcement. It’s fun, and we can make a real difference after just one consultation.

Senior Citizen Discount

For our clients who are 65 years and older, we offer a Senior discount on all veterinary services in order to make the Best Veterinary Care more affordable.

Special Services Discount

For our clients who are members of the local Fire Department, Police force, EMT or who have served in the Military, we offer a Special Services discount on all your pet’s veterinary needs.  A proper Identification card is required.

Teacher Discount

For our clients who Teachers in the Hillsborough or Montgomery School District, we offer a Teacher discount on all veterinary services. A proper Identification card is required.

Vet Technician Visits

Sometimes the care we provide for your pet can be handled by one of our experienced and specially trained veterinary technicians. This is a savings from our standard doctor exam fee and allows for more flexibility in scheduling.

Pet Portal Service

Our Pet Portal service on our website allows clients to view their pet’s information from home and print it out for boarding and other purposes. You can also set up email and text reminders for upcoming appointments. In addition to the postcard you receive, your pet’s reminders can also be emailed to you.

Waiting Room Comfort

In our waiting room you will be greeted by a friendly staff member, find a comfortable seating arrangement, find educational material and be able to browse our recommended products.

Open Door Policy

Come in for a tour anytime. Tours can be scheduled for school groups, 4-H clubs, youth groups, and so forth.

Laser Therapy

Belle Mead Animal Hospitalis proud to offer K-Laser Class IV laser therapy for your pets. Laser therapy is recommended for alleviating chronic pain and accelerating healing and rehabilitation. It is a safe, effective and painless form of treatment.

Special Consultation Rooms

Euthanizing a beloved but aged and suffering pet is the most difficult and painful thing a pet owner will ever do.We strive to make this time dignified and respectful to you and your pet by providing a special consultation room that offers privacy and greater comfort. We will also help you better understand the grieving process and offer access to a grief counselor.

Visiting Your Hospitalized Pet

You can visit your pet while hospitalized, just like you would a family member while in the hospital. We encourage visitation of your pet. Please call first for visiting hours.