Rabbit and Rat

Exotic Companion Mammals

The Belle Mead Animal Hospital (BMAH) is one of the few hospitals in the area with a special interest in our small and furry friends often referred to as Exotic Companion Mammals or Pocket Pets.

Our team of experienced veterinarians and technicians understand that exotic pets have special needs, and we are able to partner with pet owners to ensure their pets live healthy lives and receive the best veterinary care possible.

We educate our clients with the latest healthcare research regarding exotics, and we work with exotic pet owners to make sure the pet’s proper diet and exercise needs are being met.  We also encourage pet owners to pursue preventative care as well as provide them with diagnostic options and treatment possibilities.

What is an Exotic Companion Mammal?

Following is a list of Exotic Companion Mammals that we see routinely at the Belle Mead Animal Hospital. Each is linked to the most trusted internet information source on animal health and wellness, VeterinaryPartner.com. Simply click the link below and follow the easy instructions on “How To Use Our Site” to find a wealth of information about the pet.

•    Ferrets
•    Gerbils
•    Guinea Pigs
•    Hamsters
•    Chinchillas
•    Mice
•    Rabbits
•    Rats
•    Sugar Gliders

Cute FerretChinchi the Chinchilla










Also visit the Belle Mead Animal Hospital Blog – Exotics Category to browse our informative articles about various Exotic Companion Mammals and find more useful information about these extraordinary pets.

If you have other exotic pets that aren’t noted on the above list, please contact us. We may still be able to see them! Our list suggests the most common patients that we treat.

The importance of wellness exams

At the Belle Mead Animal Hospital, we recommend semi-annual wellness visits and offer consultations regarding husbandry and management of your special pet. We listen to your concerns and will offer diagnosis and treatment plans in order to manage medical, behavior or geriatric problems. We partner with you and treat your small and furry friend as if he was our very own.

With our our small pets, it is a very important to catch any weight loss or dental changes and prevent future problems. That is why at Belle Mead Animal Hospital, we recommend that your pet receives at least two exams a year.