Sheep and Goats

It is as important to develop a workable plan of health management for sheep and goats as it is for dogs, cats and other companion animals.

Sheep and goats are herd animals and ideally should not be kept as solitary animals. A pair of goats can often make a good addition to the right family, and they do require a sound health care plan just like any other companion pet or farm animal.

Goats are susceptible to a number of infectious and chronic diseases. Vaccinations and routine preventative treatment for worms and other parasites are necessary.

The Belle Mead Animal Hospital offers consultations when you bring your goat in to the clinic to help you understand what is required. We will discuss with you proper goat care and health management, and we can offer advice and a wellness program that meets the needs of both you and your goat(s).

The Belle Mead Animal Hospital regularly assists the Somerset County 4-H “Just Kidding Goat Club”  with a small group of pet goats