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Veterinarian credentials and what they signify

Have you ever noticed the abbreviation after your veterinarian’s name?  The abbreviation may vary from doctor to doctor, depending upon the training and skill level your veterinarian has achieved. Following is an explanation of the various credentials our team may

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What does AAHA Accreditation mean to you?

You have certainly seen the AAHA logo included many places on our website and on our client handouts and brochures.  What exactly does this accreditation mean to you? First of all, it means you can rest assured that the Belle

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Home pet entry safety – Protect your home from unwanted guests

There was a story published recently of an incident in Monmouth, a town in Kennebec County, Maine.  It was rather alarming because it involved a rabid raccoon who snuck into a person’s home through a pet entry installed in a

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