Puppy Social Behavior Lessons

Pet Behavior Education and Consultation for Dogs and Cats

Belle Mead Animal Hospital can assist dog and cat owners with Pet Behavior Training through personal consultations and education in order to strengthen the human / animal bond. The Basic History Behavioral Questionnaires below can be downloaded and completed at home with input from all family members so the form can later be reviewed during a Behavior Consultation with your family veterinarian.

Basic History Behavioral Questionnaire Dogs (Download)

Basic History Behavioral Questionnaire Cats (Download)

Behavior Education for Dogs and Cats

Belle Mead Animal Hospital has created a Dog and Puppy Training Playlist that includes what you need to do when you get your puppy home, especially between the age of 9-19 weeks – Visit the Dog and Puppy Training Playlist Here and make sure to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for updates!

You can also view a special video presentation by Dunbar Academy below. Socialization with people is one of the most important and time-sensitive aspects of raising a puppy, but with social distancing protocols in place, it’s impossible to accomplish this task in the traditional manner. View the Dunbar Academy Puppy Socialization video presentation here.

The BMAH Team, from Receptionists, Kennel Attendants, Veterinary Technicians to Doctors are Certified Fear Free Professionals. Our Mission is to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them. Visit Fear Free Happy Homes here and join at no cost!

Learn What Fear Free Means for You and Your Pet and How To Achieve Free Free Exams at Belle Mead Animal Hospital.

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The Indoor Pet Initiative – The Ohio State University offers a great website and link called The Indoor Pet Initiative. It’s a wonderful source of information and tools for pet owners and veterinarians to create an environment and plans tailored to promote thriving and the highest quality relationship possible between pets and their owners.

The Indoor Pet Initiative for Cat Owners will help give all cat owners ideas and tools on how to help treat, prevent, and avoid feline behavior issues, anxieties and frustrations.  This is an amazing online source of information for all cat owners to help owners brainstorm and find good Veterinary sourced and approved information and ideas to help with their cats environmental enrichment and behavior issues. All the veterinary behaviorists including those at BMAH and those we know highly recommend all feline pet owners please go to this website and check it out. It will help you understand what all cats need.

Puppy Social Behavior Lessons








Just for Dogs – Behavior Resources

  • FearfulDog.com –  Resources to help fearful, shy and anxious dogs
  • CareForReactiveDogs.com – CARE stands for Counterconditioning and Positive Reinforcement (R+) are Essential. CARE condenses Counterconditioning, Desensitization and training of more acceptable behaviors into a user-friendly, 3-phase protocol
  • EileenAndDogs.com – A blog by a dog trainer who shares what she has learned
  • Dogmantics Dog Training – Emily Larlham runs the dog training business Dogmantics. She is well known around the world for her popular Youtube channel ‘Kikopup’ where over 200 in-depth dog training tutorials are posted with the intent that humane training information should be free to everyone.
  • The Complete K-9 dog agility training

Child Safety – Management and Preventing Dog Bites

Dog and Baby Support hotline for immediate support and referrals through the Family Paws Parent Education network.

Baby Henry and dogs Belle Mead Animal Hospital

Books and Videos 

  • Plenty in Life is Free by author Kathy Sdao, animal behaviorist
  • Love Has No Age Limit by author Patricia McConnell
  • Control Unleashed by author Leslie McDevitt
  • Fearful Dogs by author Nicole Wilde
  • Do over Dogs: Give Your Dog a Second Chance for a First Class Life (Dogwise Training Manual) by author Pat Miller
  • Teaching a Dog to Wear a Muzzle (Video) by Chirag Patel
  • ASoundBeginningProgram.com – A Sound Beginning began with a book that was created to help people learn how to appreciate and enjoy the full length of the journey that begins from the day they bring their newly adopted dog home and their special relationship begins. It has evolved into a fully packaged training program that is completely positive in its approach.