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Protecting Pets Under Anesthesia Always

At Belle Mead Animal Hospital we understand that considering procedures that involve anesthesia can be intimidating. Anesthesia does involve some risk in animals, just as it does in humans. There is no way to completely remove all risk when doing

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Happy World Rat Day!

Today is World Rat Day, and we want to take this moment to introduce to you one of the best kept secrets in the world of exotic companion mammals – rats! Rats have gotten a bad reputation in the past

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Environmental enrichment for exotic companion mammals

Environmental enrichment is just as necessary for exotic companion mammals as it is for dogs and cats. A loving pet parent who offers routine veterinary care and proper nutrition can also easily enhance their small pet’s quality of life just

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Rabbit teeth malocclusion – detection and treatment

What is a malocclusion you might ask? In simple terms, it refers to misaligned teeth. For rabbits, this is a serious condition. Here’s why. Rabbits are born with only one set of teeth – front teeth and back molars, but

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Laser treatment helps bite wounds heal – Case Study

Infrared light has extraordinary healing properties, and the clinical effectiveness of laser therapy has been well documented through numerous studies. Its effect is photochemical rather than thermal, as in surgical lasers. Class IV lasers, such as the K-laser which is

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