Implementing Social Distancing – Keeping Everyone Cared For, Safe and Staying Informed

As mentioned in other communications, the health and safety of our patients and staff is our highest priority. As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the country, and more concerning, our county, we are implementing Social Distancing guidelines meant to help protect both you and our team members. 

Upon arrival, please call our front desk at 908-874-4447 from your vehicle to verbally check in for your appointment or procedure

After verbal check in, we will ask everyone to wait in your vehicle until one of our trained team members is ready to escort you into a sterilized exam room.

Upon entering the building or exam room please sanitize your hands and we are adhering to a strict zero hand shaking policy. We are also encouraging everyone to minimize door handle, counter top, and credit card handling. We will escort and direct clients accordingly.

Clients can be invoiced directly from exam rooms. Invoices and Discharges will be given in exam rooms or better yet e-mailed to owners. We encourage clients to verbally give us their credit card number in the exam room for payment at that time. We can discuss services and take payment over the phone before or after visits to bypass waiting and exposure times.

Any client who needs medications or food is encouraged to please call ahead and notify our Team so that we may have your items ready to be picked up. We will also want to take payment over the phone and plan a scheduled time for pick up when possible. Remember to call us when you get here and we can deliver it to your vehicle.

Please be sure to call your medication refills into our BMAH pharmacy with a 24-hr advanced notice. If you come in any sooner, and your medication is not ready, we will ask you to come back the next day to pick it up. Also remember you can order any of your prescription diets or medications through our online stores. We can do it for you or talk you through it over the phone if you need help. For your convenience we now have special discounted Food delivery Hill’s to Home prescription diets and Purina Vet Direct diets available. Please call so we can direct you. We recommend proactively pre-ordering a 2-4 week extra supply.

Finally if you are not one our BMAH Facebook Friends yet please become one or at least check in daily for the most current updates to keep in the loop and know what we doing to keep everyone safe. LIKE us on Facebook today!

There is one other “Belle Meade Animal Hospital” west of Nashville Tennessee. There is a slight difference in spelling that often is not noticed. Please do not confuse us with them when checking Facebook and downloading forms.

Belle Mead Animal Hospital has no plans to close its doors to the public currently. Please know we will keep vigilant and are doing everything possible through this uncertain time.

If you have further questions or concerns please feel free to also email us at

Belle Mead Animal Hospital, Your Other Family Doctors

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