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Saturday, August 15, 2015 is a free “Check the Chip Day” at Belle Mead Animal Hospital to remind pet owners to not only have their pets microchipped but to also keep the registration information up-to-date. The information you choose like certain addresses, emails and phone numbers can be changed and updated whenever necessary.

Dog at Belle Mead Animal Hospital

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) joined together to create National Check the Chip Day. To support this cause, Belle Mead Animal Hospital will be offering a free microchip scan of your pet starting on Saturday, August 15, National Check the Chip Day. Chips are great and usually last forever. Every once in a while, a chip can stop working or move slightly so it’s good to have them scanned every so often.

The AVMA has produced a short and entertaining video to help pet parents understand the necessity of microchipping. The star of the video is Max the dog. When Max becomes lost, it’s his microchip to the rescue! Watch the video here > Check the Chip Day: Meet Max

Don’t have a microchip yet for your pet? Call our office to set up an appointment. It’s an easy procedure that’s inexpensive and lifesaving. Your veterinarian will insert a tiny inert chip the size of a sesame seed just under your pet’s skin, between the shoulder blades. A number on the microchip is entered into an international database, like the Central Animal Registry or PETtrac. If your lost dog or cat is found, any animal hospital, shelter, or humane society can use a microchip reader to scan the unique ID number contained on the chip and find the pet’s owner.

Cat photo - Belle Mead Animal Hospital Blog about Check the Chip Day

Remember, you must enroll your pet’s microchip number into the database so that it can be identified later on if lost. The chips we use are HomeAgain microchips. If your pet is reported lost or stolen, Home Again will actively e-mail and fax all veterinarians and other Home Again registrants a picture and alert of when and where your pet went missing so that your pet can get home safe as soon as possible.



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Joe Martins, DVM, Belle Mead Animal Hospital

Joe Martins, DVM, Belle Mead Animal Hospital

Joe Martins, DVM, Belle Mead Animal Hospital

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