Why Blood Work is So Important for Pets

It’s important that pet parents understand just how useful routine blood work is as a tool that allows veterinarians to discover abnormalities and potential health risks that can easily be missed during an office exam.

Sometimes veterinarians find themselves needing to see numbers, values, images and scans because the initial nose-to-tail exam did not lead to a definitive diagnosis. Veterinarians turn to diagnostics to get further answers.

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Following are some reasons why blood work might be ordered:

  • Veterinarians use blood work to create baseline numbers for future blood results
  • Blood work is used to determine liver, kidney and pancreas functions
  • Pre-anesthetic blood work is necessary to ensure normal organ functions prior to administration of anesthesia
  • Blood work is necessary for monitoring drug levels to ensure safety and accuracy of dosage
  • Blood work is important in managing and monitoring the progress of certain types of treatments.

Our colleague and medical director at Johnstown Veterinary Associates explains it in more detail. Read his full article here and feel confident that when your family veterinarian suggests blood work, there is good reason to do so.  Veterinarian’s view: Blood work is important for pets, too

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