Seresto Eight Month Flea and Tick Pet Collars

Seresto eight month flea and tick pet collars are the best, easiest, and most affordable protection for outdoor or indoor/outdoor cats. I know that no one likes collars on their cats, but these are not the same collars from years ago. Cats and cat owners love them. They are 100% safe for you, your cat, and the environment in every way. They are cool grey, and there are no powders or smells. The Seresto collar is even safe if touched and somehow ingested.

Seriously, cats and dogs who are outside and unprotected and getting bit by even the occasional flea and tick risk infection with microscopic diseases that can live in their red blood cells for years and cause life threatening non-reversible anemias years later.

Also, Seresto collars on outdoor or indoor/outdoor cats protect their human families because any flea or tick that jumps on the cats will then fall off and die and not be able to infect a human. We live in one of the highest tick diseases areas in the country, and yes, fleas cause plague and cat scratch fever, and they do live here in New Jersey.  We at Belle Mead Animal Hospital have these collars available with a $15 rebate and support the company’s guarantee to replace for free if your cat loses its collar before eight months. We encourage you to give it a try! 

We have prepared video instruction to show you just how easy it is to put a Seresto Collar on your cat. Watch How to Apply a Seresto Pet Collar

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