High Blood Pressure In Our Animals

75% of cats older than seven years of age will develop kidney problems or hyperthyroidism. 75% of those cats will develop high blood pressure. Animals who are diabetic or cushonoid also may develop hypertension. All these conditions, including high blood pressure, are treatable if caught early enough.

Belle Mead Animal Hospital Cat Patient Blood Pressure check

The signs of high blood pressure can be very subtle, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Cat’s eyes are so sensitive to hypertension that they will become permanently blind if they are not diagnosed and treated early enough.

If your cat is not jumping on and off things as much, losing its balance, weak in the rear legs, or its eyes are dilated more than usual, notify us! Cats can fool owners by using their other senses, including smell, and by using their whiskers to get around. These cats that are losing their vision can still go up and down stairs and find food.

We recommend that all pets over the age of seven have their blood pressure checked twice a year, or every three to six months if they have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. If fact, we give all pets a free blood pressure screening on their birthday month once they are seven years or older. Early treatment is easy and affordable!