March 2020 News from Belle Mead Animal Hospital

Curbside Check in Protocol Update Amidst Coronavirus (COVID-19) Concerns

Here at Belle Mead Animal Hospital, safety is our number one priority – that being said, we will be expanding on our social distancing protocols already in place.

When you arrive at the clinic for any reason, call us at (908) 874-4447 to notify us of your arrival. At this time, you will give us a car description and your best phone number for that moment. If you feel comfortable at this time providing your credit card information, this would be a great opportunity to do so.

When the appointment time is ready, a technician will escort your pet into the clinic as you wait in the car. Although we strongly discourage it, if a client chooses to enter the hospital, only ONE person is allowed in the exam room.

Once the veterinarian has completed their exam, they will call you at the number you provided to discuss their findings and address any concerns you may have.

Once the patient visit is complete, discharge instructions, prescriptions and payment will be managed by phone.

If you have not yet visited our website at or our BMAH Facebook page, please do so to stay up-to-date on our policies and useful information.

Please keep this information handy for your continued use and reference during this COVID-19 Pandemic.


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