Canine Obesity

If your veterinarian has determined that your dog is carrying a few too many extra pounds, you’re not alone! It’s estimated that about 17 million dogs in the United States are overweight or obese, and those numbers are increasing.

Obesity is more than just a problem with your dog’s appearance. Obesity is a medical problem that can have serious health consequences. The good news is that weight loss – even in small amounts – can result in a significant improvement in your dog’s health and quality of life.

Arthritis is one of the most common health effects of obesity. The excess weight adds extra strain to joints and ligaments, worsening pain and making it harder to move around. Obese dogs often have trouble going up stairs, getting into cars, or simply going for a walk. The pain and loss of muscle mass and fitness resulting from osteoarthritis may make it hard for your dog to move around.

Common Signs of Pain in Dogs:

  • Decreased social interaction or activity
  • Slow to rise, stiff posture/gait
  • Appetite picky, decreased, or absent
  • Bites or attempts to bite caregiver
  • Whimpers, howls, growls ,hangs head down
  • Exhibits guarding behavior
  • Refuses to move, hides, panting, weak tail wag
  • Displays a change in facial expressions
  • Experiences muscle twitching or avoids touch
  • Makes no attempt to posture while urinating or defecating

Obese Dog Belle Mead Animal HospitalLosing weight is not easy, but with time and commitment early,  can get your dog back in shape. Even a small amount of weight loss can have a dramatic effect on your dog’s health, improving quality of life and reducing the risk of serious health problems.

Slentrol is a once/day liquid medication that reduces your dog’s tendency to overeat and beg even if everyone in your household cheats with treats and scraps. Your dog will eat and absorb nutrients it needs and eliminate unneccessary and harmful fat through its stool.

Slentrol provides you with a quicker, safer, more reliable solution for overweight/obesity.  Obesity is a disease that dramatically reduces quality of life and life span for dogs in addition to compounding many other health problems.  Prescription weight reducing diets and anti-inflammatory drugs can aid in this battle as well. Rimadyl is one nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is used to reduce pain and inflammation (soreness) due to osteoarthritis.

Older DogOnce your dog loses the weight, he or she will be healthier, feel better, and live longer. We have some wonderful almost amazing true stories of dog’s whose weight loss saved their lives.

Unfortunately we also have lots of true stories where the older, heavier dog has been struggling along with weight and pain (seemingly silently to owners) then they get sick, or tear a ligament in their knee. Now suddenly and dramatically to the owner they can’t even get up to go out and eliminate.  Now how are we going to get the weight off an obese animal who can barely walk?  It takes time, rehabilitation, diet, and lots of patience.

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