Pet Insurance

Pets get diseases, become ill, eat things they shouldn’t, and have accidents. They need dental care and emergencies happen. All these occurrences are expensive, and that’s why pet insurance can help.

There several pet insurance companies on the market that on average cost about $325/year. It depends on whether you get a basic plan or a superior/premium plan. If you enroll your pet early, before pre-existing conditions, then the company will pay for about 80-90% of your emergency bill from injury or illness. This can save you thousands of dollars financially and help emotionally if an emergency happens.

Spend some time online or call some insurance companies for more information. Do some research and enroll. Decide what is the most important to you. All insurance companies are different and emphasize or cover different things. Make sure you get emergency coverage first.

If you have a new puppy or kitten, Trupanion insurance offers lifetime coverage, for example.

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Some examples of an unlucky pet with associated cost estimates:

Vomiting and diarrhea–$1567

Eats a sock or rock–$3500


Broken leg–$3200

Diabetes or Liver/Kidney failure–$5787

You should also check out claims that may be associated with your pet’s breed. Here are some other questions you should ask when looking into pet insurance:

-What is covered if my pet becomes sick or gets injured?

-What is not covered if my pet becomes sick or gets injured?

-Is there a limit amount?

-Is there a deductible?

-Is there a monthly cost?

-Will you be penalized for your pet aging?

-Will you be penalized for filing claims?

-What will cause premiums to increase?

-Are dentistries covered?

-Are blood panels and flea and tick preventatives covered?

Here is some further Recommended Reading to help you make your decisions: Pet Health Insurance Update. Remember, pet insurance saves pet lives!

Trupanion: or 1-855-591-3500

Petplan: or 1-866-467-3875

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