April 2020 News from Belle Mead Animal Hospital

COVID-19 Pandemic Curbside and Safety Protocols Update

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience as we adjust to our current “new normal” and continue to update our protocols to keep everyone safe and serve you better.

BMAH Now Offers Telephone Consultations!

You can now request a 15 minute telephone consultation with one of our Doctors. Make your request with one of our receptionists. You will be asked to provide a telephone number where you can be reached and a window of time when you can be available. There is a $40 charge for this service that must be prepaid by credit card over the phone. A doctor will return your call during that window of time and discuss your pet’s condition. If the doctor determines that your pet should be seen in our hospital due to their medical condition, an appointment will be arranged and the $40 charge will be credited toward that in-hospital exam fee.

Procedures for Bringing Pets to BMAH

For your safety and ours, we will have one dedicated staff person who will handle everything that enters and exits the building, and all your pets and carriers will be wiped down and brought in one at a time. When you arrive at the clinic, please wait in your car and call us, and we will come take care of your needs as soon as we can. If the phones are busy, (and they are!!) please just leave a message or call back a second time.

We appreciate your understanding that there will be some increased wait times in checking in and out as well as picking up medications and food.

We have prepared a Video so you can watch exactly how our protocols work. View it here on the BMAH YouTube Channel (don’t forget to Subscribe!)

Please remember if you need a refill on medication or food, or have a quick question about your pet, you can also email us at and we will try to respond within a day!

Electronic Paperwork for New Patients and Services!

Also, we will be going to entirely electronic paperwork for new patients, surgeries, drop offs and diabetics in order to minimize handling of papers and pens that need to be passed between ourselves and the clients. Our forms are available at the bottom of this page on our website: BMAH Hospital Forms

These forms can be filled out on your computer or your phone, and can be sent to us in a variety of ways. You can send them directly from your phone or computer by submitting from the website, as well as email, fax, and even taking a picture and sending the picture to us! We will take verbal authorizations over the phone to avoid extra contact, and instead of handing your physical discharge sheets, now we can email you discharge instructions or take a picture and text it to your phone.

Keeping Everyone Safe!

In our best efforts to keep everyone safe, no non-vetted person has entered our Hospital in over 4 weeks. During business hours, the doors remain locked unless propped open with a wedge by our fully gowned and PPE protected technician for ease of entrance. The door handles are sprayed before and after use. Handles are routinely sprayed every 30 minutes.

We cannot and should not detach client leashes inside or outside of vehicles – this simply carries too much liability as far as potential pet bites and the possibility of stimulating fear and losing a dog if the pet gets away. Folks often bring dogs to us with collars and harnesses that are too loose, and we can’t risk the pet slipping out.

All BMAH staff are Fear Free Certified trained and will follow a slow, kind, and positive two-leash rule for dogs outside the building. All hands and areas properly disinfected with 20 seconds of proper contact time before and after treatments. All rooms and items are disinfected properly with safe and effective Hydrogen peroxide based solutions. All staff inside the hospital are wearing masks and practicing physical distancing as much as humanly possible.

We are all here at the Belle Mead Animal Hospital to serve and keep everyone cared for and safe.

Use the BMAH Website as an Educational Resource!

Did you know you can now Search our website for particular topics of information and advice? Visit our Learning Center > Search this Site and enter a word or words of the subject you want to learn more about. We are constantly adding new material to our website and improving functionality to help serve you better.

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