“Calvin” and His Ticking Time Bomb Spleen

“Calvin” Fagan, a tri-color Basset Hound, just turned 9 years old. He came in for his Senior Semi-annual wellness exam and yearly Heartworm/Lyme blood test. His history was that he seemed fine and was eating and drinking normally. Dr. Andrew Greendorfer performed his 12-point wellness exam and suprisingly felt an abdominal mass. Senior wellness blood testing revealed that “Calvin” was slightly anemic (low red blood cell count). An ultrasound revealed a 5.11×6.63 cm splenic mass. Dr. Martins performed a splenectomy (surgically remove the spleen). A biopsy revealed that it was a benign tumor that had ruptured. So surgery saved “Calvin’s” life. He went home that same day and looked great. We received updates from his owner stating how “Calvin” must have been uncomfortable for a while before the surgery because now he is acting like a puppy again. This is just one of many stories from the Belle Mead Animal Hospital where a wellness exam saves a life and makes a pet’s life more enjoyable.