January 2020 News from Belle Mead Animal Hospital

BMAH Pet Pain Clinic, Oncology and Other Specialty Services 

We have Exciting News to share! We are ready to start seeing patients in our newly renovated space.


All rehabilitation and oncology appointments should start going into the clinic area through the door to the left of our current exit that faces the parking lot (formerly the Grooming Rigg entrance).

https://vetportal.vetsecure.com/email/1446/Pet_Pain_Clinic_Reception.jpg   https://vetportal.vetsecure.com/email/1446/Pet_Pain_Clinic_CROPPED_Rehab_area.jpg

At this time, the days for rehabilitation appointments are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The door will be locked so not to disturb the current patient’s session. Therefore, please knock and we will let you in at your appointment time.

Oncology patients will be seen on Thursdays. The door will be unlocked for oncology patients, so please enter and check in with the receptionist.

We are happy to serve you in our new clinic area!


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